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Whichever type of power washing service you are looking for; heated or non-heated, it is always best to hire a professional who knows how to properly operate the equipment so your surfaces are not damaged. Call us today, so we can get you scheduled. 

Old Fashion Quality

- Heated and Non-heated Power Washing Services
- Low Pressure and High Pressure Wash
- Roof Cleaning
- House Wash
- Mildew Removal
- Pollen Removal
- Deck Wash and Restoration (Wood Brightening)
- Fence Cleaning
​- Staining and Waterproofing
- Gutter Clean-out, Power Flush, and Brightening
- Rust Stain Removal 
​- Driveway Wash and Sealing
​- Patio Wash and Sealing 
- Sidewalk Wash and Sealing
- Building Exterior Wash
- Degreasing
 - Engine, Grills, Construction Equipment, etc... 
- Bubble Gum Removal

- Barnacle Removal

Blackiston Property Services is licensed and insured to give you peace of mind on receiving quality services. We use professional commercial grade equipment.

One of the services our company offers to our clients is power washing. Is there a difference between power washing and pressure washing? Yes. Power washing uses heated water where as pressure washing does not. We offer both heated and non-heated power washing to best suite your needs.

Heated power washing is best used when looking for a deep cleaning. It’s used on surfaces like masonry, brick, and stone. This is what you want to turn to when you’re looking to give your patio, porch, driveway and other stone work a quick cleaning.

Heated power washing is also used for tougher bigger jobs such as commercial spaces or larger surfaces. The heated water helps break through tougher grime, dirt and grease.

A heated low-pressure power wash is referred to as a soft wash. A soft wash is generally used on hardie board siding, synthetic stucco (aka Dryvit), stucco and vinyl surfaces. A soft wash or a heated low-pressure wash is between 50-75 psi and the same temperature as an average hot shower. Washing dishes with cold water and detergent works, however, using heated water works quicker with less effort. This makes it faster and less expensive for you.

Our company has experience in: